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Get the main feature of IQOS to buy heets online

What is the main feature of IQOS that you should know, having already decided to buy heets online?

First of all, the device does not produce burning. This is perhaps his main advantage. After all, the older we get, the more often we think about the harm caused by burning tobacco and paper in a regular cigarette. Here it is not just by definition, but the stimulation to buy heets online!

What happens in IQOS 3 instead of burning? The device heats the tobacco to the optimum temperature. At the same time, the user can fully enjoy the tobacco aroma and taste of the aerosol, but without harmful effects on the body. Of course, it’s not worth talking about the total absence of harm to the body, because IQOS still delivers nicotine into the blood. But the principle of its work is fundamentally different from that offered to us by cigarette manufacturers. As a result, the amount of harmful substances entering the body is literally minimized. According to official figures, 90-95%.

During the testing of the device, we immediately notice an interesting feature: we do not want to smoke classic cigarettes at all! Being previously only heard about the fundamental difference in the taste-aroma from cigarettes and IQOS, we are convinced of this ourselves. On the first day after we decided to buy heets online, we smoked only one cigarette to compare sensations. Immediately regretted it. More than three days to the cigarettes did not return. One of the differences is the absence of unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke. It is simply not in use. Indoors after the termination of use air too remains pure.

“Oh, finally you switched to IQOS!” – attentive colleagues noticed.

We notice that the smell of tobacco does not remain on the hands and hair. It also practically does not remain indoors. Of course, if you use several sticks in a row at once, the aroma in the room or in the room is felt. But the developers made sure that this fragrance was as pleasant as possible, or at least neutral, and quickly disappeared.

We think it is great that we are now able to buy heets online here in Canada! It is a great surprise!