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E-liquid Cuba Libre

Dear vapers. We place different liquids and their descriptions to help those who wish to buy e-liquids online.

To buy e-liquids online, you first have to be aware of them.

So, we begin.

Eleaf Strawberry Liquid with Ice
Eleaf Strawberry with Ice liquid is a real find for all lovers of refreshing tastes! A solid portion of invigorating menthol gives coolness even on the hottest summer day, and the soft berry aftertaste with barely noticeable sourness serves as an elegant conclusion to this powerful aroma.

Crazy Green Liquid
Temperamental, inviting and mysterious, like a French beauty, the aroma of Crazy Green liquid combines subtle notes of anise, a good portion of citrus fruits and the unique taste of absinthe.
The creators of the Crazy line have tried to make the Green mix the best green mix in the history of vaping. And it seems they succeeded!
Mermaid Pino Colada Liquid
Pina Colada’s traditional Caribbean cocktail is popular in many countries, and Puerto Rico is considered to be a national treasure. Do you know a lot of drinks that have been awarded this honor? Sunny mix of ripe pineapple and coconut milk is guaranteed to cheer up even on the gloomiest day!

Liquid Joyetech Cappuccino 30 ml, 2 mg
The classic combination of coffee and cigarettes in one bottle. The soft aroma of freshly ground grains and natural milk perfectly complements the morning hours and pleases throughout the day. How can you resist?
Joyetech Dunhill liquid 30 ml, 4 mg
An excellent choice for connoisseurs of high-quality tobacco flavors. The liquid fully reveals the rich taste of good cigarettes – thick and rich, like a palette of masterpieces of classical painting. Pleasant delicate aftertaste and interesting natural notes add extra flavor to the taste.

E-liquid Cuba Libre