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Choosing a tank for an electronic cigarette

If you can spend hours choosing a 510 clearomizer or a box, is it also important to choose your electronic cigarette tank? Due to its shape, its colours or its materials, the electronic cigarette tank is now becoming a real plus and thus an added value for your vaper.

Depending on its material and the use made of its rebuildable atomizer, the choice of materials used for its e-cigarette tank becomes important. Whether for its solidity or its high resistance to heat, a wide range of possibilities is offered to you vapers.

What tank format for an electronic cigarette?

Whether it is a  pyrex e-cigarette tank from Kanger or a Joyetech e-cigarette tank, the first thing to know is that an e-cigarette tank is proprietary.

The clearomizers and atomizers all have different dimensions, whether in height or diameter. The same goes for the tank dedicated to them.

E-cigarette tank: pyrex or resin?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, how and why choose the materials for your electronic cigarette tank? Well, a rebuildable tank will not undergo the same heat variations as a more classic clearomiser. A stunt vaper will not have the same needs as a large rebuildable fan vaper, using his best electronic mod up to 150W of power.

Pyrex e-cigarette tube

Many brands of vapers have chosen to equip their tank clearomizers with pyrex, such as Joyeteck, Aspire or Eleaf. Pyrex tanks have an immeasurable advantage over glass tubes: their resistance to heat and temperature change. If Pyrex dishes resist your oven, there’s no reason your Pyrex tank can’t!

For a few years now, they have replaced the PMMA (polycarbonate) tubes present on many clearomizers in the early days of the electronic cigarette. Unlike PMMA, pyrex has the ability not to keep flavours, so it is possible to go from a tobacco liquid to a fruity one without having to clean its tank.

Being currently the most widespread type of tank, we still recommend the use of a vape band to extend its lifespan.

Steel e-cigarette tank

There are a lot of stainless steel tanks at Aspire. Whether for the Mini Nautilus or the Atlantis atomizers, the steel tanks allow a very appreciable resistance to shocks and falls.

It is best to use this style of e-cig tank on clearomizers involving reasonable power. Indeed, if steel tubes are known for their physical resistance, their thermal insulation is not effective.

This is the most popular electronic cigarette tank for clumsy vapers!

E cigarette reservoir in Ultem PEI

Combining great strength with exceptional heat resistance, the  Ultem PEI tank is increasingly used in the field of rebuildable atomizers.

The amber colour of the Ultem PEI tank, in addition to providing an aesthetic side, allows more security for rebuildable enthusiasts.

Resin e-cigarette tube kit

If the resin brings a very aesthetic touch to the atomizers and clearomizers, it also offers a unique finish.

The resin moulding process allows for random colour mixing. It is therefore impossible to have the same colour variations of the resin tank of your neighbour vaper!

In conclusion

The reservoir or tank for electronic cigarettes has evolved a lot. Whether it is to isolate yourself from too powerful assemblies or to personalize your electronic cigarette, there is no better tank for an electronic cigarette strictly speaking. It will be a question of choosing the electronic cigarette and the tank adapted to its material and then deciding on the aesthetic side of your vaping.

Which e-cigarette tank do you use?