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Electronic cigarettes appeared more than 10 years ago, but this type of “smoking” became especially popular only in recent years. The invention, which appeared in Hong Kong in the 2000s, now successfully competes with traditional tobacco products, and the range of “fillers” for e-cigarettes can surprise even the most fastidious smoker. Vaping is a unique phenomenon which can surprise many people as it provides so much one cannot even expect.

Even a beginner will be able to refill the cartridge of an electronic cigarette by himself. To do this, you need:
the purchased e-liquid brands or vape flavors diy;
the electronic cigarette itself;

If you want the device to serve you faithfully for many years, then follow the rules of operation.

Do not try to get vape-liquid cheap by adding extraneous liquids to the e-cigarette. Do not add foreign substances during refueling: juices, alcohol, etc. It will be much better if you buy vape juice online. This will give you the opportunity to purchase best e-juice brands at moderate e-liquid wholesale prices.

Refill e-cigarette in time. If you feel the taste of burning and the reduction of vaporization, then this indicates that you need to refill the cartridge. If you use a conventional cartridge then remember that it needs to be replaced approximately every 12 refills.

During refilling, perform all operations carefully so as not to fill the battery. It is much more convenient to acquire an EC with a clearomizer. Due to the transparency, you can monitor the amount of remaining residues. Try not to damage the wick during refilling. Follow these precautions and your vaping will be unbelievable.

asmodus galatek UK