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5% Juul pods London – created with care for consumers

JUUL Labs, which in just three years occupied more than 70% of the US vape market and successfully started its activity in America, Canada and Israel, launched sales in the UK. It is a great success that was not achieved by many famous companies. Consequently, the most popular JUUL products in the US are now available to UK consumers. Jule devices and replaceable pods for them are already presented on tobacco and vape stores. The company continues to work in this direction, focusing on the development of sales.

5% Juul pods London are intended for adult smokers only. This product is absolutely not recommended to non-smokers.

5% Juul pods are presented in the basic following flavors:
• Mango – mango is the best selling flavor in the line
• Cucumber is the bright taste of cucumber without sweetness.
• Classic Tobacco – the classic soft taste of tobacco leaf
• Mint – refreshing mint flavor

5% Juul pods London are created with care for consumers in all the given respects: from form to technology and taste.
The usage of vape is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco (Department of Health, England).

Juul pods provide a good throathit and help get rid of nicotine addiction in the shortest time.

5% Juul pods London are a tasty and high-quality treat for those who like to smoke. All this creates a taste that you do not expect from an easy-to-use and affordable capsule! The nicotine content of 5% allows you to make 200 puffs. Get ready to pamper yourself!

Do you experience difficulties while choosing a tasty pod? Trust our experience; you will make the best choice possible!

Why is it advantageous to buy such kind of pods on our online store? In the catalog of our online store, there are presented only the best pods that do not harm human health – using them you will get the same pleasure without fear for your lungs. In addition, you can buy a pod system that you can afford, and which at the same time meets all your expectations – the site offers a wide range of these products.